At RCJ, we understand technology, and our attorneys have substantial experience working with innovators. We represent developers of social networking software, video games and mobile apps; companies with innovative Web 2.0 applications; and internet-based content providers, among others. We have advised clients and litigated cases concerning a broad range of hardware, software, telecommunications, and other technology-intensive issues.

We believe that understanding not only our clients’ business, but also the technology that drives our clients’ products and services, is a necessary prerequisite to delivering the highest-quality legal advice. Whether we’re drafting web site policies or litigating a complex copyright dispute, remaining grounded in the facts gives us an advantage. As advocates, we prize our skill at explaining technical concepts and features to judges, juries and other lawyers in a way that is understandable.

The law applicable to computer software and the internet is rapidly evolving across a broad range of dimensions – especially for clients who operate at the leading edge of the technology curve. RCJ is immersed in the latest legal developments. We regularly write and speak about emerging legal issues related to privacy, online liability, open source software, user-generated content, copyright and trademark protection, and much more.